Katy Perry ft Migos – Bon Appetit
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Katy Perry ft Migos – Bon Appetit

On Friday (May 12), Katy Perry released a music video for her latest single “Bon Appétit,” featuring Migos. The visual was directed by Dent De Cuir, a Paris and Montreal-based filmmaker collective specializing in art direction, design and visuals arts, as well as conceptual visual language.

The imagery stays in line with Perry’s exploration of her sexual liberation — an NSFW sign being displayed in the beginning moments of the video. When she first appears, the singer lies on a bed, sealed in plastic wrapping. It’s not too long before chefs cut the singer free from the packaging and start kneading her like dough. The chefs continue cooking Perry — in different phases from boiling in a large pot to garnishing with carrots — as she sings the suggestive lyrics.

After her hair is completely chopped off, the singer is served up by head chef Roy Choi. Migos looks down at all the action from their secluded VIP section, rapping their tasty food innuendos. At the end, Perry does a quick routine on a stripper pole before being served her own pie — full of dismembered body parts (seriously).

Check out the video below: