Justin Timberlake – Selfish
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Justin Timberlake – Selfish

Justin Timberlake’s latest single, “Selfish,” is a soulful exploration of intense passion and undeniable desire. The lyrics paint a vivid picture of a love so powerful that it consumes every thought and emotion. Timberlake opens up about the possessiveness that comes with deep love, admitting to feelings of jealousy and selfishness.

“Selfish” is not just a love song; it’s a confession of the overpowering emotions that accompany being deeply infatuated. The repetition of the word “selfish” in the chorus reinforces the theme, acknowledging the internal struggle of wanting to possess every aspect of the loved one.

In the latter part of the song, Timberlake acknowledges the permanence of this love, symbolized by tattoos and scars. The imagery of being marked and owned by the person you love adds a layer of commitment and intensity to the narrative.

Overall, “Selfish” is a captivating single that delves into the complex emotions of love, possessiveness, and vulnerability. Justin Timberlake’s artistry shines through as he bares his soul, delivering a compelling and relatable musical experience for his audience.