Joey Angels – Usurper (Official Video)

Joey Angels – Usurper (Official Video)

Upcoming hip-hop artist Joey Angels is excited to announce the release of his latest single, “Usurper”. Produced by Jeffrey Krato and sampled from parts of Marilyn Manson’s track “This is The New Shit.”, the track is a perfect blend of hip-hop and grunge metal. Along with the release of this single, Joey Angels has provided his fans with a full-length music video, that he filmed and produced himself.

Joey Angels comes from a difficult background. After struggling his entire life with a drug-addicted mother, changing cities, and violence, Joey Angels has found that there has only been one constant comfort for him: music. He first began a musical career around the age of 13, when his foster mother enrolled him in musical theatre programs after seeing his talent for singing. At 14, Joey Angels became deeply inspired by the hip-hop culture. He listened to artists like Eminem, Busta Rhymes, and Nicki Minaj as a teenager. He started writing songs and beats for these artists to use, but soon realized he could perform them better himself. Since then, he has written himself over 500 songs, as well as founded his own production company, New Olympus Music. Currently, Joey Angels has produced and professionally recorded over 40 songs for his upcoming album, “Afterlife”, including the latest single, “Usurper”.

“Usurper” is a perfect example of the unique style Joey Angels has created for himself. As an artist, Joey Angel continues to be inspired by his lifelong influences, Eminem and Nicki Minaj. He also incorporates 90s grunge rock into his style, saying that the result is “as if Marylyn Manson, Eminem and Niki Minaj had a kid who grew up to sing hip-hop songs.” Joey Angels perfectly blends these styles, delivering on “Usurper” with creative flows, catchy choruses, and dark imagery. Together, this comes together to create a song that is unique to Joey Angels’ style.

The music video for “Usurper”, available now on YouTube, is the perfect complement to this song. It captures the style of Joey Angels’ music by providing the viewer with an unparalled visual experience. It follows Joey Angels as he battles demons, alter egos, and copycat artists (portrayed by XXL competitors), before ultimately winning the crown and being proclaimed a “Rap God”. The video was written, produced, and filmed by Joey Angels himself.

“Usurper” is AVAILABLE NOW on iTunes and Spotify!

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