Jessica Woodlee – High School (Official Music Video)

Jessica Woodlee – High School (Official Music Video)

The new video is in a word “stunning”.

“High School”, perfectly captures that point when you must let go of the past and decide to pick yourself up and move on.

High School was written from Jessica’s own real-world journey. To the outside world, Jessica seemed to be surpassing her wildest dreams. She is confident, intelligent, and musically gifted beyond her years. At only 16 years old, Jessica had quite a few accomplishments. She’s been auditioning on Broadway since the age of seven, has won a scholarship to study jazz, possesses a three-octave vocal range and plays multiple instruments, all while maintaining a nearly 4.0 GPA and working on her original music.

But her daily experience was far different. “I was struggling to make it through the start of freshman year when I wrote the song, ‘High School. I was faced with isolation, loneliness, social exclusion as well as public and internet bullying. On the surface, the song is simply me trying to cope with these everyday challenges of high school and attempting to look at the bigger picture.” As the song started to come together, it began to feel more like an anthem of strength and hope, not self-pity and despair. “I have since realized that ‘High School’ can really be a metaphor for any rough time in anyone’s life because no matter how hard it may become, nothing lasts forever,” she explains. “So, we need to grab onto the positives and use them to weather the storms. ”

That honesty and the ability to channel her emotions through her music led to the songs on Jessica’s upcoming EP, Karma. “Much of the EP is about overcoming adversities and learning to love yourself. “I had to figure out how to be true to myself in spite of the world around me. For me, there is something very powerful in believing that one can persevere no matter what!”

“High School” is the first track off her debut EP, “Karma” (to be released in early 2019).

“Being vulnerable in your emotions takes true bravery. Enjoy life and rise above. It’s my hope that this EP is both a comfort and an anthem for those that feel that their voice is being lost”. – Jessica

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