Jesse~G Yang – Lost In It (Official Music Video)

Jesse~G Yang – Lost In It (Official Music Video)

The R&B James Dean: See what it’s really like to get “Lost In It” with Jesse~G Yang

“Lost In It”, Jesse’s first official music video, is a representation of him thinking back on an amazing night he shared with a special girl. The lighting and slow motion visuals represent the euphoric experience felt after indulging in various substances, which were spoken about during the chorus. The soothing vocals accompanied by the explicit lyrics create a beautiful piece of art expressing ideas and thoughts many of us are too afraid to say out loud, but often think and feel. The intricate verses speak on the pain and pleasure experienced throughout the night and Jesse’s thoughts about the impactful encounter. For being his first official music video, he has successfully set the mood and created an experience to remember for whoever views it.

Jesse~G Yang is an upcoming artist with lots of potential, with his single “Searching” reaching over 148K streams on Spotify in a short amount of time. His songs have a melancholy vibe, with a unique rawness and authenticity that many other artists lack today. It will be interesting to see what happens next with Jesse. He is definitely an artist to keep an eye on.

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