J.Cole – ATM
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J.Cole – ATM

KOD, J. Cole’s newest album, was released today after being announced earlier this week. To add to the hype, Cole also dropped the entrancing music video for “ATM”.

You might not have picked up the deeper meaning of the song “ATM” during the first listen, but you definitely caught on while watching the music video. The song and video are about the power of money and the effect it has on him and people in society. Cole has always been an influential and deep lyricist, revealing truths within society and government. His new album continues that theme with songs on it like “ATM” and “BRACKETS”.

Cole tweeted that the albums name, KOD, has three meanings. Those meanings being, Kids on Drugs, King Overdosed and Kill Our Demons. With these meanings, Cole is drawing a bigger picture.

He raps about how “medicating” is what people are advised to do when going through hard times. He also admits that he too has fallen victim to “medicating” in order to drown out his demons. Cole offers another method on how to kill your demons in his song “FRIENDS”…

“I understand this message is not the coolest to say, but if you down to try it I know of a better way, meditate.”

At the end of this music video, Cole flashes the term “Choose Wisely” across the screen. Now, whether Cole is referring to money or drugs is ultimately up to you.. and the wiser decision, of course, is also up to you…

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