Interview with up and coming artist Rinadzy
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Interview with up and coming artist Rinadzy

Rinadzy has quickly made a name for himself in the music industry with lyrics that have a heavy-hitting energy to them. For his first-ever music video, however, Rinadzy decided to go even bigger than usual as he parties around the estate of the Palazzo Versace in the “For The Game” official music video. We love this music video because of the way it perfectly showcases Rinadzy’s skill and energy as an artist.


Idols 2 Rivals caught up with Rinadzy to talk about his new music, biggest inspiration, and new single.


Check out the interview below


I2R: What inspired you to start music?


Rinadzy: I mean, I’ve always been into rapping. Even as a kid, you’d always find me freestyling in some bathroom at my school, or rapping an Eminem song off the top of my head during break. I had a reputation for it. I just never took it seriously till I was much older. And when I was at the lowest point in my life, I saw rap as a way out, and a start to a better life. So I took that opportunity, and I’m thankful for it.


I2R: If you weren’t doing music what other career do you see yourself doing?


Rinadzy: I grew up in the streets. God knows what I woulda been doing if I weren’t rapping.


I2R: What do fans of yours have to look forward to in the near future, are there any surprises to come?


Rinadzy: Yeh,  there’s a lot to look forward to. Without giving away too much, except me and 24kgoldn to blow the world away this year with our track. When it comes to my album, I’m definitely in album mode. You can expect a Lil  Baby and Drake collab there for sure, Lil Durk, too. Surprise is an understatement for what’s coming in the “Rinadzy” album.


I2R: When you’re working, what inspires you or what do you draw inspiration from?


Rinadzy: A  lotta things. Everything I put in my songs is something I been through,  so when the thought comes to mind, I just take my pen and turn it into poetry. Throughout the whole process tho, I do get inspired by the artists I grew up listening to, like Eminem, Tupac, and Lil Wayne.


I2R: Is there any advice you would like to give your younger self for coming into the music industry or something to help the songwriting/producing process?


Rinadzy: If there’s one thing I wish I understood earlier, is that you always gotta rely on yourself, especially in this industry. You don’t get what you deserve, you get what you take, and you gotta work your ass off for it.


I2R: What’s the meaning of your new single?


Rinadzy: It was really a reminder to myself, and everybody else, that you gotta stay concentrated on your own grind no matter what, and not let a female take that away from you or let anything else phase you. Being “for the game” is playing the game, and you gotta play it right and stay nonchalant.


Watch Rinadzy Take Over the Palazzo Versace in “For The Game” Music Video!

I2R: Where did you shoot the video for this song?


Rinadzy: It was shot in the Presidential Suite of Palazzo Versace Dubai. Definitely the craziest suite I’ve been in.


I2R: Are you looking to stay independent?


Rinadzy: I  been in touch with a couple of record labels. For me, it’s all bout owning and being on top of your craft. If we come to fair terms with Universal  Music or Sony, then I’ll be up for it for sure.
-Rinadzy from the 6P


I2R: What are your plans for the rest of the year?


Rinadzy: I’m planning to release a few more singles, with a couple of interesting features, while starting to work on my debut album. You can expect a few more music videos too.


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