IAMRICH – Know Better (Official Video)

IAMRICH – Know Better (Official Video)

Rising artist iAMRiCH is proud to announce the release of his latest single, “Know Better”! The song is produced by mantra and features vocals from Breana Martin. In addition to the release of “Know Better”, iAMRiCH has also provided his fans with a full-length music video for the new single!

iAMRiCH was born Richard Burns on Long Island, New York, but began moving around the country during his youth. After settling in Pompano Beach, Florida, the Puerto Rican- American artist began rapping at an early age. In 2015, the young artist started his career in the music industry, with the release of his first single. Two years later, in 2017, iAMRiCH took yet another dive further into the music industry, after receiving serious recognition for his single “Stop Calling”, off of his debut mixtape, “Be Me”. After the success of this single, iAMRiCH hopes to build on his success and to continue growing as an artist. While he refers to himself as, “a hip-hop head at heart”, iAMRiCH has grown to incorporate sounds from pop music and other genres in order to give himself a unique vibe.

Nothing exemplifies the growing maturity of iAMRiCH than the release of his new single, “Know Better”. Not only does the artist work on perfecting his craft and including unique new sounds, but he also tackles an important subject matter. “Know Better” talks about the boundaries that are placed on all of us when we are in a situation that makes us fearful, whether it be through bullying at school or domestic abuse at home. iAMRiCH urges listeners to remember that there is more to life and that they are powerful enough to overcome these situations. Everyone has the power to change their circumstances, but they must “know better” than to ever forget their inner strength.

To celebrate the release of this milestone single, iAMRiCH has also produced a music video for “Know Better”. Directed by Chris Moreno, the music video hopes to strengthen the meaning of the song by truly touching others. Packed with powerful visuals and heavy moments, the music video for “Know Better” does exactly what it was meant to do. Altogether, the release of “Know Better” and its accompanying music video solidifies iAMRiCH’s place in the hip-hop world, as an artist that is both growing and maturing. Fans of iAMRiCH and new listeners alike are sure to love the latest hit from this upcoming artist!

“Know Better” is AVAILABLE NOW on your digital platform of choice!

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