Hip-hop Artist Wes DeLux Is Atlanta’s New Spiritual Gangsta
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Hip-hop Artist Wes DeLux Is Atlanta’s New Spiritual Gangsta

Wes DeLux is an up-and-coming rapper from Atlanta, Georgia with a unique style of hip-hop that blends spirituality and perspective with a “gangsta” attitude! Behind every track that DeLux releases, the artist is driven by the urge to share his own unique voice with listeners. This is fundamental to who he is as an artist, as DeLux translates directly to “of light” in Latin. The DeLux path includes inner engineering, which entails finding the balance between one’s ego and one’s true inner spirit amidst living in a desire-filled and urbanized world. This same dynamic can certainly be felt within his music, as DeLux combines heavy hip-hop beats that are counterbalanced with mellow guitar vibes. As a result, his has a yin-and-yang feel that gives way to some excellent tracks, including the popular records “Lit YA!” and “Call if You’re in Need”

In his latest project DeLuxified I , DeLux gives listeners his most complete body of work to date, with a seventeen track album that puts his unique style on full display. No where is this style better heard than on the track “Step Up”, which opens up with Wes DeLux meditating and develops into a complex, chill track about DeLux’s mindset and approach to the rap game.


Be sure to be on the lookout for the official release of DeLuxified I in the upcoming weeks! www.wesdelux.com

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