Gvano – Niña Bien (Official Video)

Gvano – Niña Bien (Official Video)

International Hip-hop sensation Gvano is proud to announce the release of his latest single, “Niña Bien”! Fans of Gvano will be excited to know that he has simultaneously released his first ever full-length music video to accompany this new single. Featuring a heavy hitting trap beat and a smooth vocal performance, this single has everything it takes to rise into a major hit in the next few months!

Gvano is a native of Guadalajara, Mexico. His musical career began at the age of 15, when he began to experiment with the fusion of hip-hop music and Latin sounds. Today, Gvano’s music has come a significant distance from where it began. Not only has he perfected a unique sound that includes this blend of hip-hop and Latin influence, but he has turned himself into a promising young artist. Gvano is currently signed with GoldInk Entertainment, who have helped to promote his unique sound and artistry to the next level. Gvano is set to release his first ever album in 2019.

“Niña Bien” is the latest hit from the upcoming artist. The song is carried by a smooth vocal performance over a heavy trap beat. This song is filled with melodies and rhythms that make it the perfect dance hit for a night at the club. “Niña Bien” is also the perfect example of how Gvano continues to use his unique blend of Hip-hop and Latin sounds as a signature of his unique style. The music video follows the story of a gym receptionist who falls asleep at work, and suddenly begins dreaming of a fantasy life where he can charm the women he desires most with a lavish lifestyle and expensive budget. This is highlighted best by the lyric, “She says she is not interested, but she screams for Balenciaga”.

“Niña Bien” is yet another step in Gvano’s rapid rise to fame. As his musical style continues to perfect itself, Gvano will continue to see more success. Perhaps his most exciting track to date, “Niña Bien” is a fun and energetic step towards international stardom for this sensational young artist!

“Niña Bien” is AVAILABLE NOW on your platform of choice!

Website: goldeninkentertainment.com
Instagram: @gvano_