Gregory Darling – Madly

Gregory Darling – Madly

Gregory Darling is an enigma. Famed for appearing in a choir conducted as a child by Ennio Morricone (Exorcist 2) and having Prince jump on stage to jam with him. Following the 2016 U.S. release of Songs From Under The Hat, a compilation album featuring hits from his three previous solo albums in Europe on FOD Records, Darling is once again in the studio with producer Bob Rose. Having recorded all new material at Forum Music Village in Rome, the album, titled “Madly”, is due to be released on FOD Records this Fall. Astonishing in its depth and maturity “Madly” is set to mark Darling out as the new standard amongst his generation.

Darling has captured the attention of George Michael, Prince and Bono, among others, and he’s wound up touring and writing with Julian Lennon (Darling co-wrote the title song and four others on Lennon’s acclaimed Photograph Smile album), and toured with Bryan Adams.Critics compare him to Joe Jackson and “Elton John in his prime.” Listen to “Madly” and you’ll see the what he shares with these great storytellers and masters of melody.

Madly features Manny Elias (Tears For Fears) on drums, Nigel Harrison (Blondie) on bass, Dani Robinson (Billy Cox Band of Gypsies Experience) on guitar and the Orchestra di Santa Cecilia Orchestra (Orchestra of the Vatican) accompanying Darling’s distinctive croon and soulful pop piano. The title track, “Madly,” is Darling at his most rock ‘n’ roll, with guitar breaks by ax-wielder Robinson.

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