Going ‘Numb’: OG Pressure Drops New Single from Anticipated Album ‘Romans 16:18’

Going ‘Numb’: OG Pressure Drops New Single from Anticipated Album ‘Romans 16:18’

The music scene is constantly evolving, but often the most successful artists are those who can bring something old and make it new again. Enter OG Pressure, the artist, producer, and CEO of Rocket City Records and Rocket City Distribution. With over 11 years in the music industry, OG Pressure has carved out a niche by infusing older vibes of hip-hop, R&B, and pop with inspirational lyrics and substance, a refreshing change in a culture often focused on violence and hate. This veteran of the music scene, who has already secured the #6 spot on the Billboard charts and multiple iTunes charts worldwide, is back with a new single, “Numb,” featuring Powed Raje, from the upcoming album, ‘Romans 16:18’.
In “Numb,” OG Pressure explores the true feelings of life. “After working so hard, you just want to go numb and enjoy yourself sometimes,” he shares. Powed Raje, whom OG Pressure describes as a musical genius, delivers strong harmonies and vocals that perfectly complement the song’s theme. “Numb” is just one track from the upcoming album, ‘Romans 16:18’, which delves into the universal human experience of seeking solace and enjoyment amidst life’s challenges.
The music video for “Numb” was produced live from the Pentagon in Houston, Texas, and features a surprise concept that left OG Pressure thoroughly impressed. The end product showcases the creative brilliance of everyone involved in its production.
For newcomers to OG Pressure’s music, he describes his sound as unique, substantial, and paying homage to the older vibes of hip-hop, R&B, and pop. This stands in stark contrast to the violence and hate often promoted in today’s culture. Instead, OG Pressure’s music aims to inspire with its lyrics and substance, touching on the true feelings of life that resonate with everyone.
With a successful music career spanning over a decade, multiple chart-topping hits, and an upcoming album, OG Pressure shows no signs of slowing down. His music continues to inspire and touch the hearts of listeners worldwide, and ‘Romans 16:18’ is eagerly anticipated as a welcome addition to his impressive discography.
Be sure to check out the new single “Numb” featuring Powed Raje, and stay tuned for the upcoming album, ‘Romans 16:18’, from OG Pressure.