Gianna Ernst Is Turning Heads With “Dangerous”
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Gianna Ernst Is Turning Heads With “Dangerous”

Gianna Ernst is a trailblazing singer and songwriter who has been turning heads since she burst onto the music scene at the age of six. A winner of the prestigious American Protégé International Vocal Competition, Gianna is often praised for her five-octave vocal range and prolific songwriting abilities. A true student of her craft, Gianna has spent her career honing her skills and perfecting her art. As a result, she has become one of the most exciting and innovative performers in the industry today. With a passion for making music that moves people, Gianna is positioned to take the world by storm.

Gianna’s latest single “Dangerous” is a catchy pop song with a relatable message. The lyrics tell the story of a relationship where one person tries to manipulate the other into doing things. The second person eventually calls them out on this and moves on confidently. The song speaks to the universal experience of being gaslit by someone we thought we could trust. It’s a reminder that we all have the power to walk away from toxic relationships and choose our own happiness. “Dangerous” is bound to be a hit with fans of Gianna’s previous work, as well as anyone who has ever been in a situation like the one described in the song.


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