Get to Know Edgewood Heavy, the Band Behind the Rock ‘n Soul Revolution
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Get to Know Edgewood Heavy, the Band Behind the Rock ‘n Soul Revolution

With the prevalence of electronic music and hip-hop’s decades long domination of the charts, it is rare to find a trail blazing act within the rock music genre. But over the last three years, Edgewood Heavy has come to dominate the Atlanta underground music scene with their unique style that blends rock sounds with deep, emotional feelings, which Edgewood Heavy refers to as “Rock N’ Soul”. Now, with the release of their latest single ‘Homicidal Lover’, the band is primed to emerge from the underground scene and capture a national audience. That’s why we were excited to sit down with Edgewood Heavy for an exclusive interview, transcribed below, where we talked about everything from influences, the future of rock music, and what makes the “Rock N’ Soul” sound so impressive.

Idols 2 Rivals (I2R): Can you pinpoint a specific moment or experience that ignited your passion for music?

Edgewood Heavy (EH): Both of the writers/ singers of Edgewood Heavy are the sons of musicians. Both of our fathers are lifetime musicians who have shown us the path since we were very young. There wasn’t ever a question for either one of us. Although our backgrounds in music vary vastly, we both knew we’d be in the music world without question from the beginning.

I2R: What’s the meaning of your track ‘Homicidal Lover’?

EH: Homicidal Lover is a gritty and sexy song of remorse. It’s that love that you know is bad for you, but you still can’t get enough.

I2R: Can you walk us through the story or emotions behind ‘Homicidal Lover’?

EH: Homicidal Lover was a true brain child of Edgewood Heavy. The intro and hook came to one of us in a drunken stooper in the early hours of the morning, as all great ideas do. We had just arrived back in town from tour and it struck like a lightning bolt; ‘I know I did some shit that I should not have done…’ Originally that was intended to be the hook, but in our first writing session for the song our other singer came up with the concept that would then become the chorus: ‘She’s a Homicidal Lover’

I2R: If you had to capture the essence of your music in a few words, how would you portray it?

EH: Sex, Drugs, & Rock N Soul

I2R: Could you give us a glimpse into the intricacies of your creative process?

EH: As cowriters, there is a lot of give and take for us. Each song comes from one person’s brain and the other one weighs in on suggestions and possibilities for where it could go. We both value each other’s insight and respect the opposite’s musicianship, so ego doesn’t really enter the room typically. It’s important to us that Edgewood Heavy songs are a synthesis of both of our styles. We both put our hands on everything, figuratively with our writing, and literally with our guitars.

I2R: Is there an artist, past or present, with whom you feel a musical collaboration would be transformative?

EH: Prince would be an incredible artist to collaborate with. His aural vision was so clear for everything he did. He wasn’t afraid to challenge the status quo and try something new. The fearlessness and innovation that he approached his music with is a great inspiration to both of us.

I2R: Which artist’s audience do you believe would deeply resonate with your music if you were to open for them?

EH: We would kill to be on the road with The Black Keys or Black Pumas. Our signature Rock N Soul style would be a great pace setter for their crowds.

I2R: If you could share a heartfelt message with your fans, what sentiment would you want to convey?

EH: Music is love, and we all need more love in this world.

I2R: In a world without your music career, where do you imagine your creative energies would be channeled

EH: There is no world without music.

I2R: How do you think the digital age has reshaped both the opportunities and challenges for artists like yourself?

EH: We play live instruments. The golden age of the ‘rock band’ may have passed, but we know that we can communicate with the soul of an audience in ways electronic music and technology can’t. Don’t let the robots win.

I2R: What is your favorite song to perform?

EH: Currently? Probably Homicidal Lover. We perform very frequently, so it’s a quickly changing tide.

I2R: What is the best advice you’ve been given?

EH: Just keep swimming

I2R: As you envision the future of your music, are there any exciting projects or directions on the horizon?

EH: Our debut studio album is directly following this single, Homicidal Lover. That album will go by the name of ‘$ex Drugs & Rock N Soul’ and will be available everywhere October 6th