Fred Lessman & The Backroad Warriors – Give It On Back

Fred Lessman & The Backroad Warriors – Give It On Back

“FRED LESSMAN IS BRINGING IT ALL BACK HOME That’s the irrepressible nature of Lessman: spontaneous, playful, and yet fully committed to the experiences he’s captured in his music. And now, with the release of his third CD, entitled “3 AM”, his performance-licks have come nearly full circle. Songs, he said, that are “about life – both past and present.”” – Tom Stockwell, Napa Valley Register

Born and raised in New York City, in the late 60s and early 70s Lessman was influenced by the music of Paul Simon and Van Morrison, hanging out at the Fillmore East.

“I was drawn to great melodies. I mostly identified with rock and roll, country-rock and blues.” Although Lessman exemplifies his music as following in the footsteps of Tom Petty and Jackson Brown, radio promoters and DJs alike have likened his writing, which reveals the raw emotion, integrity, spirit and grit of the Great Bob Dylan.

After years of making a living in Las Vegas, Lessman moved further west and began a major transition. Lessman shared with us that living in the wine country and Northern California gave him the rare opportunity to write without much distraction. He’s spends time hangin’ out with friends as part of the collective of Northern California songwriters.

Lessman’s clear message is that “Life happens,” and he demonstrates this daily in his writing. Working with a legendary producer and guitarist Bret Levick and featured on his recordings and appearances is the formidable Jeff Pevar (David Crosby).

In addition to Bret Levick on this show, Matt Kriemelman (Blue Man Group) is on drums, Jim McIntosh (Jersey Boys) on lead guitar, Rick Keever on bass, Lisa Marie Smith on vocals and Bruce Wallace on keyboards. In addition to singing and playing guitar, Fred Lessman blows a mean blues harp.

Lessman credits Adrew Emer (bassist) for starting him on this journey, Bret Levick for supporting his creative vision, and wife Cheryl as his muse.

Performing in his own backyard and just off the road from Oregon, we’re so fortunate to have him back in Vegas for one big show. We look forward to seein’ you in the audience to cheer on Fred Lessman & The Backroad Warriors!

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