Fivio Foreign and Meek Mill Drop Powerful Collab “Same 24”
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Fivio Foreign and Meek Mill Drop Powerful Collab “Same 24”

Fivio Foreign and Meek Mill have joined forces to deliver a hard-hitting new single, “Same 24,” that explores the struggles, triumphs, and the harsh realities of their respective journeys to success. The lyrics paint a vivid picture of their lives, touching on themes of self-reliance, resilience, and the challenges they faced while climbing the ladder of success.

In the first verse, Fivio reflects on his come-up, highlighting the pain, sacrifices, and the skepticism he faced. He discusses the loneliness that often accompanies fame, as well as the fake friends, new enemies, and the price of success. Fivio’s raw and introspective verses showcase the authenticity that has endeared him to fans.

Meek Mill takes over in the second verse, sharing his own experiences growing up without privileges. He emphasizes his journey from poverty to becoming a symbol of success, addressing the struggles and obstacles he overcame. Meek’s gritty delivery and powerful storytelling add depth to the track, resonating with listeners who may relate to the challenges of urban life.

The chorus, delivered by Fivio, underscores the relentless pursuit of success despite the obstacles. The repeated refrain, “If I knew this what it was, I’d have been stayin’ poor,” captures the sentiment of realizing the true cost of fame and success.

The collaboration between Fivio Foreign and Meek Mill is a powerful statement within the hip-hop landscape. Both artists bring their unique styles and perspectives to the table, creating a track that is not only a banger but also a thought-provoking commentary on life in the spotlight. “Same 24” is more than just a song; it’s a glimpse into the minds of two artists who have navigated the challenges of the industry while staying true to themselves.