Ella M – Don’t Know You (Lyric Video)

Ella M – Don’t Know You (Lyric Video)

Rising artist Ella M is proud to announce the release of her latest single, “Don’t Know You”. The track, produced by Benny D, is a testament to the hard work and dedication that Ella M has put into her career. “Don’t Know You” is a smooth and powerful song that is sure to bring the London based artist a lot of attention across many international airways. To celebrate the release of the new single “Don’t Know You”, Ella M has also announced the release of an accompanying lyric video.

Ella M is truly at a crossroad in her career. Currently, she is facing a difficult change in life as she has made the decision to move to London. After being raised in Reading, England, and then spending many years in New York City studying classical music, Ella M has decided to pursue her career further by following her roots home to London. The change has been difficult, but it has also forced Ella M to mature as she learns to live her life and chase her dreams. This maturity has made a marked impact on her music, as she learns to put these emotions and her experiences behind each and every track she writes. The result is a stunning and brave sound that will resonate with all of her listeners.

“Don’t Know You” is the perfect example of the new and powerful dedication that Ella M places behind all of her records. Written after her move to London, the song was originally meant to help Ella M coup with her feelings of loneliness and anxiety, as well as her fears of losing connections with the people she loved back in New York. As she worked on the record, it soon took on a whole new meaning to her. Ella M realized that these things were all out of her control; she could not worry about it. Instead, Ella M found comfort in the grind of her own music and career. Today, the track has an entirely different meaning to Ella M than it did a year ago. This is a sign that Ella M has truly matured as an artist.

In addition to the release of “Don’t Know You” by Ella M, fans of the artist will be excited to hear that she has also released an accompanying lyric video. It is available now on the official Ella M Vevo channels through Vevo and Youtube. The lyric video is meant to feel whimsical and airy, making viewers instantly happy and uplifted!

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