Elevating the Soul: BFA Flexx’s Journey Through Melody and Message
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Elevating the Soul: BFA Flexx’s Journey Through Melody and Message

In the dynamic world of hip-hop and soul, BFA Flexx stands out with his unique blend of melodic hip-hop and soul, particularly highlighted in his single “Fly & Flow”. His music, a reflection of personal hardships and triumphs, aims to captivate and move the soul through a harmonious blend of lyrical depth and vocal harmony. “Fly & Flow”, more than just a song, emerges as a mantra of self-awareness and potential, embodying fearlessness, strength, and motivation. Through his journey marked by challenges like abandonment, poverty, mental health issues, and addiction, BFA Flexx channels these experiences into his music, turning pain into a relatable narrative. With “Fly & Flow”, he marks a significant development in his artistic direction, aiming to resonate with a wider audience and showcase the formlessness of his artistry across all genres. As BFA Flexx continues to navigate the music industry, his story of resilience and hope serves as an inspiring testament to the power of authenticity and the transformative nature of music. CHeck out our exclusive interview below.

I2R: What inspired the unique blend of melodic hip-hop and soul in your music, particularly in your single “Fly & Flow”?

BFA: The unique blend of melodic hip hop and soul in my music, particularly my single “Fly & Flow”, was inspired by the way I hear/feel music. I harmonize with my voice to captivate my audience’s attention while using my lyrical content to grasp and move their souls.

I2R: Can you share the story behind the title “Fly & Flow” and what this mantra means to you personally?

BFA: The story behind “Fly & Flow” is one that attaches itself to every person and could be translated based on the individual. This single was made at a time when BFA Flexx was falling victim to his environment, and he became his own worst enemy. Metaphorically, it was like he was trapped in a hopeless box of destruction. Personally, the mantra directly refers to knowing one’s self and the potential you possess. The song embodies fearlessness, strength, and motivation to pursue your goals and be the best version of yourself. Had to stop living in the problem, and start to live in the solution.

I2R: How have your experiences of struggle, resilience, and triumph influenced your songwriting and musical style?

BFA: My experiences of struggle, resilience and triumph has given me the songwriting and musical ability to directly connect to the pain of others and vividly portray a dark world of survival that’s oftentimes very difficult to explain for most as well as understand. I’m able to tell my story and influence listeners, especially the ones who relate, to make better decisions than I did.

I2R: Your journey is marked by challenges like abandonment, poverty, mental health issues, and addiction. How do you channel these experiences into your music?

BFA: I believe music is to be felt not heard. Literally, I have to feel the energy of the instrumental and be in the mental state of mind to even produce a song. With that being understood, my challenges constitute the ingredients of the meals I cook up. My ability to channel these experiences comes from a place of invisibility and the only way to be heard or seen is through expressing relatable pain. Keep in mind, the ingredients are my challenging experiences and the meals are my music. The music is to be ingested, flavorful and digested for satiety.

I2R: “Get In Get Out!” marked a significant shift in your career. What did you learn from this album that influenced your subsequent music?

BFA: “Get In Get Out” was a debut album, a learning experience, and my attempt to give the streets what they want, but it lacked cohesiveness and economic resources for it to be a viable project. I learned tremendously from this album. My style became even more versatile and I expanded on my songwriting and performing skills. Quoting my lyrics from my song “Soul Salvation”, “Honed my skills, now I’m refined like a sharp shank. Did some things I can’t redeem like shawshank.”
On another note, I learned the power of Hip Hop and began mastering the elements thereof.

I2R: How does “Fly & Flow” represent a development or change in your artistic direction compared to your previous work?

BFA: “Fly & Flow” is not anything like my previous work. It targets everyone, represents how polymerous Hip Hop is, and shows as a Hip Hop artist that my artistry is formless which resonates to ALL genres.

I2R: The music video for “Fly & Flow,” produced with Movi Mel, is described as a visual story. What was your vision for this video, and how did it complement the song’s message?

BFA: The vision of the video was to motivate unordinary individuals to be extraordinary. From arriving on the rooftop, dreaming of flying while staring at the sky, to boarding a private plane preparing for takeoff. The vision was complemented by the eye-catching scenery. The message of the song, which is overcoming fears, pursuing goals, knowing self worth, and reaching you full potential, is complemented by the song’s vision as well.

I2R:  What’s your process for combining personal experiences with artistic expression to create music that resonates with listeners?

BFA: I spoke about this briefly in response to another question. Without giving you the special sauce recipe, I merely go to that insecure, invisible, survival mode. Then I give my words life so when properly delivered, they’re heard by listeners and felt in the depths of their souls.

I2R: As an artist who has faced numerous challenges, what advice would you give to upcoming artists dealing with similar struggles?

BFA: The best advice I can give is simple! To be successful and happy, you’ll have to express your plight in your art. The skill to express that struggle is your purpose as an artist.

I2R: How do you maintain authenticity in an industry that often favors commercial success over artistic integrity?

BFA: My goal is to remain authentic while maintaining my artistic integrity. I do that by knowing who I am as an artist, and being self aware of my own purpose.

I2R: You’re described as having a unique storytelling ability. How do you approach storytelling in your music?

BFA: Like any story, it has to spark interest and maintain the interest throughout. I try to be extremely honest and vivid without being offensive and glorifying the criminal lifestyle.

I2R: With new singles and an upcoming album in the works, can you give us any hints or themes we can expect from your new music?

BFA: I just want everyone who said I wouldn’t amount to anything in life and wrote me off, to “Watch Me Finagle!” I’m gonna show the world “How Villains Are Made” and “Success Is Revenge!” Those were hints at what I have in the works for y’all.

I2R: What role do you think merchandise plays in connecting with your fans, and how do you go about creating items that resonate with your audience?

BFA: Merchandise can play a major role in an artist’s revenue sources, and is well needed for branding purposes. Simple formula for creating items at this particular stage of my career is hi-def, graphically designed artwork on trendy items.

I2R: As a beacon of hope and inspiration, how do you hope your journey and music impact your listeners?

BFA: I hope my music and journey gives my listeners the courage to call the dog when it rushes. Failure doesn’t exist until you stop trying. You can start from a small, resourceless position and acquire everything you’ve ever wanted. The caveat is you have to work hard for what you want, and overcome all fears withholding you from your goals. Don’t waste your time, it’s your most formidable asset.

I2R: Finally, what do you envision for the future of your music career and your role in the hip-hop and soul genres?

BFA: I envision endless growth for the future of my music career. With this single, “Fly & Flow,” I’ve left an indelible mark in the Hip Hop and Soul genres. My future role is to continue to extend my reach in these genres and meet the right influential people in the industry.