EJIMA – BAIL IT (Official Video)

EJIMA – BAIL IT (Official Video)

‘Bail It’ by Ejima is a brilliant new song and an extremely catchy release which is set to be a big hit in summer 2018. The song and the accompanying video are two wonderful pieces of art in their own right, but they also work together in complete harmony. They are both massively addictive and will have you reaching for the repeat button. ‘Bail It’ has tantalizing hooks from the get go and the video is a well executed accompaniment.

Our favourite thing about Ejima? They are reinventing and innovating a preloved genre for the 10’s. This is demonstrated in the song and video release. We hear influences from The Jacksons and also the 90’s band TLC but they are just that, influences. They are formidable artists in their own right and when their song comes on, you will know instantaneously it is them.

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