egomunk – Radio Hum (Music Video)

egomunk – Radio Hum (Music Video)

‘Radio Hum’ is a dark unnerving track which builds through a blend of pulsating beats and interchangeably brooding, dissonant and infectiously melodic guitar lines, set against half-spoken, hauntingly hollow and distorted vocals which address the battle of inner demons.

The video is a haunting animation, which has been created by Robert Beebe who has previously worked on iconic horror film Saw among others.

Regarding the release egomunk says, “‘Radio Hum’ is a song about one’s own demons and the internal voices needed to defeat them. The animation is a tale of cheeky debauchery, illustrated by Robert Beebe from Prestidigitation Film. The story is the transformation from a conga of innocence as the joyful skeletons are led astray to become hedonistic humans and their journey back home again, after being baptised by a mythical hooded figure whose purpose is unveiled at the end.”

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