Eddie Robbins Band Releases New Single “Feather”
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Eddie Robbins Band Releases New Single “Feather”

Check out the new single “Feather” from the Eddie Robbins Band, streaming now! Eddie Robbins Band is an up-and-coming country/rock act with a unique, fun, and energetic sound that perfectly captures the spirit and energy of the West. Started by vocalist and guitar player Eddie Robbins, the band’s sound is inspired by Robbins’ many years spent growing up in Texas hill country and his adventures in the western United States.

“Feather” is an upbeat track meant to capture the chaotic energy of life as a twenty-something. Much like a feather, you travel wherever the wind blows without much of a set path. For Eddie Robbins personally, this meant escaping life as a near-burnout in Austin and moving to the wild nature of Wyoming to reset. Living closure to the natural world helped him to realize his true passion as a musician and gave him the energy to keep pushing forward. The sound of this song perfectly captures its message. With bright melodies and a rhythm that rolls throughout the track, “Feather” keeps the energy moving forward, like a train pushing through the countryside.

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