Ed Sheeran – Perfect (MUSIC VIDEO)

Ed Sheeran – Perfect (MUSIC VIDEO)

Although Ed Sheeran is temporarily sidelined due to a bicycle accident, he’s still making Sheerios swoon. The singer-songwriter released the official video for his song “Perfect” this morning (Nov. 9), documenting a ski trip in the mountains of Hintertux, Austria.

Between stunning scenic visuals, we find Sheeran arriving at a ski lodge where he sees a young woman he’s presumably known for a while (played by actress Zoey Deutch), who is all eyes on Ed until a group of her guy friends shows up. Even though they’re on a group trip, Sheeran takes advantage of his time alone with Deutch on the ski lift.

Once they make their way to a karaoke bar, Sheeran asks Deutch to join him alone outside (after they take shots and sing their hearts out, of course). The two flirt in the slow, and Sheeran presents Deutch with a pizza box. Written on the inside, “I wrote a song for you.”

After the pizza is gone, Sheeran serenades her with the song he wrote with his acoustic guitar.

If you’re not too busy processing your jealousy, watch how the night ends between Sheeran and Deutch — including a kitten and a snowy slow dance — in the “Perfect” video below: