Don Liu (Wickie Skyjact) – Hooked (Official Lyric Video)

Don Liu (Wickie Skyjact) – Hooked (Official Lyric Video)

Wickie Skyjact is a Singapore-based recording artist. Skyjact was born November 22 1992, in Chengdu Sichuan China. Skyjact has perfect pitch, a rare auditory phenomenon that enables him to identify or recreate music without a reference tone. His parents introduced him to classical music and he began to learn violin at age 6.

In 2011, Skyjact relocated to Singapore for college study at the Nanyang Academy of Fine Art with a major in fine art sculpture and minor in performing arts. In 2013, Skyjact met New Zealander Media Producer – Garry McAlpine and was involved with Garry’s experimental project to become a member of an Asian boy band that performs English pop music. The project ended in 2014 due to the lack
of candidates. In 2014, Skyjact met Simon Napier-Bell, a prestigious English music manager who had managed a few iconic British artists during 70s-80s including Wham!, The Yardbirds and Marc Bolan. Since their meeting Simon has often been a source of advice. In 2016, Skyjact signed a production contract with American indie record producer George Walsh Jr. on his Debut EP titled “Beautiful Liars” where “Hooked” was produced and released as the Debut Single in 2017. The collaboration sadly collapsed due to George’s sudden passing in May 2017.

Growing up listening to old school Jazz, Motown, Folk and Country music, Skyjact’s early music influences include Stevie Wonder, Ray Charles, Louis Armstrong, John Denver and Don Mclean.

Hooked is a song about the conflicts caused between desire and sanity. Hooked was inspired by the artist’s fledgling exposure to the nightclub scene, where feelings of alienation and temptation are induced.

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