Devonta Ravizee – 5 Lil’ Penguins (Official Short Film/Music Video)

Devonta Ravizee – 5 Lil’ Penguins (Official Short Film/Music Video)

Devonta Revizee releases the official short film/music video for “5 Lil’ Penguins”. Here is what Devonta had to say about the video and song “5 Lil’ Penguins is a summation of true events and existing stereotypes, based on the lives my friends on and family on the East side of Birmingham, AL. In “Murder-ham” these 5 different teenagers all agree on one thing, that “this side of town is f***** up”, and bossing up in the streets or getting out of the environment are the only two options for survival and living the lifestyles they dream of. The premise of the short film and hopeful series is this: “The actions of one person affect everyone they are connected to; that affect starts a cycle that plays continuously to establish the “norms” and influences the development of social environment we experience in the inner city and surrounding areas. The series plans to address issues ranging from education, public funds distribution to crime and drugs in Birmingham, AL.”

This is the true story of “5 Lil’ Penguins” written and performed by Devonta Ravizee. Check out the New Ep “Senior Year” from Devonta Ravizee featuring #5LilPenguins on spotify and all other streaming platforms below! Also be looking out for the brand limited series show #5LilPengiuns and updates following at!

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