Denel – The Lights

Denel – The Lights

Rising R&B and Pop artist Denel is proud to announce the release of his latest single, “The Lights”. The track is produced by Chizzy, who has also worked with major industry names like Chris Brown. “The Lights” offers listeners a fresh and powerful new R&B sound, as Denel uses the track to truly demonstrate his unique style as an upcoming artist.

Born in South Africa and raised in New Zealand, Denel has always been attracted to music. Throughout his career, he has been inspired by R&B and Pop icons like Justin Timberlake, Chris Brown, Justin Bieber, and Usher. Denel incorporates styles and techniques from each of these influences into his own music. Still, he breaks away from mainstream Pop and R&B by overlaying these melodies with trap and bass driven beats underneath. When put together, Denel’s sound feels entirely unique. It is clear that this 22-year old artist has carved out a place for himself in the music world.

The release of “The Lights” is a great example of Denel’s unique sound. The song is true to Pop and R&B roots, yet Denel manages to put his own twist on the style. Interestingly, these songs gave Denel the opportunity to work with producer Chizzy, who has produced songs for Chris Brown. Denel sites Chris Brown as one of his biggest influences, and recognizes working with Chizzy as a true milestone in his career.

In addition to the release of “The Lights”, Denel has also simultaneously released a full-length music video to accompany the single. Filmed by New Zealand Director Shae Sterling, the video is shot in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Available now on Youtube, the video tells the tale of an evening journey in Argentina as Denel meets a potential love interest. As he attempts to show her around town, they embark on a romantic journey that follows the course of the video. The amazing and romantic visuals are sure to leave listeners feeling uplifted.

“The Lights” is AVAILABLE NOW on your streaming platform of choice!

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