Deige Sets a ‘High Standard’ with New Single
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Deige Sets a ‘High Standard’ with New Single

In the world of music, where authenticity and vibrancy are paramount, emerging artist Deige is making waves with his unique blend of sounds and heartfelt storytelling. Hailing from Lumberton, New Jersey, Deige, born David Johnson, has taken his passion for poetry and early influences from the 2000s rap scene to forge a path in the music industry that resonates with a fresh, soulful vibe. His latest single, “High Standard,” is not just a track but an experience that encapsulates his journey and artistry.

Deige’s sound is an intriguing mix of new-age rap peppered with influences from ’80s to 2000s R&B soul music, a stylistic choice that reflects his diverse moods and personalities. Signed to Blue Collar Records in 2022, he has committed his career to the mantra of his collective, “Never Echo Other’s Negativity,” which shines through in his music and persona.

“High Standard,” a standout track from his new album ‘Letter to My Past,’ explores themes of love, admiration, and the lengths one will go to show their affection. Deige describes the song as a reflection of his own experiences and fantasies about meeting his dream girl and the lavish ways he’d demonstrate his love for her. This narrative taps into a universal feeling of elevating someone special to a pedestal, an infatuation that can lead to grand gestures and profound commitments.

Drawing inspiration from iconic artists like Pharrell Williams and Pierre Bourne, Deige has developed a style that feels both retrospective and forward-thinking. His music not only pays homage to the greats of the past but also paves the way for his own legacy in the music industry, blending rhythmic beats with lyrical depth.

With “High Standard,” Deige sets the bar high not only for his career but also for the genre. The track offers listeners a glimpse into his evolving narrative as an artist and as an individual. Through his music, Deige invites us to explore the complexities of relationships and the personal growth that comes from reflecting on past experiences.

As Deige continues to carve his niche in the music world, his journey from a poetry-loving youth to a breakout music star is a testament to his dedication and passion for his craft. With ‘Letter to My Past,’ Deige not only revisits his own experiences but also crafts a musical landscape that others can see themselves reflected in, making his work not only personal but universally relatable.