Crawford Brothers – Highlife (Music Video)

Crawford Brothers – Highlife (Music Video)

The rising pop band Crawford Brothers is proud to announce the release of their latest single, “HIGHLIFE” as well as an accompanying full-length music video. Comprised of the two brothers Ben and Zac Crawford, the talented duo has achieved a musical sound that is sure to set them apart from all others. “HIGHLIFE” perfectly blends pop and rock, allowing for the song to take on a fresh new sound!

Ben and Zac of Crawford Brothers have been writing and performing music professionally for over 13 years. After trying out many different bands and musical styles, they have finally crafted themselves a perfect niche that is entirely unique to their musical attributes. In creating this sound, they have been influenced by artists like “The Kooks”, “Arctic Monkeys”, and “Jet”. The Hunter Valley, NSW, Australia based band has had a pivotal 24 months. During this time, they have performed across the United States and Australia, garnering interest from many major record labels and landing them spots in major festival performances. Most notably, Crawford Brothers won the grand prize in the 2016 John Lennon Song writing competition for the rock category.

The release of “HIGHLIFE” is the perfect summation of their recent success. “HIGHLIFE” is all about the dream of living the ultimate lifestyle—living large and flashy. The song was written, produced, and orchestrated by Ben and Zac themselves. They recorded nearly all instruments for the track, with additional horn parts performed by the conductor of Maitland Brass band and graduates of the Newcastle Conservatorium of Music. Musically, the track has a fresh and powerful sound that can best be described as new school with swag.

In addition to the release of “HIGHLIFE” fans of Crawford Brothers will be happy to know that they have also released a full-length music video for the single. Produced by Crawford Brothers themselves, the far-fetched music video is an important accomplishment in their career. Its production required determination from the two brothers, and it will surely one day be a source of pride. The same determination that resulted in this video is also what drives the Crawford Brothers to keep pushing their careers forward. In 2018, starting with the release of “HIGHLIFE”, Ben and Zac Crawford are determined to keep rising. They plan on landing record deals, international tours, and to keep producing music that is unique and fresh!

“HIGHLIFE” is AVALIABLE NOW in stores and on streaming platforms of your choice!

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