Count Pariah’s “Snowman” Is a Fun and Fresh Start to the Holidays

Count Pariah’s “Snowman” Is a Fun and Fresh Start to the Holidays

Emerging from the vibrant music scene of Knoxville, Tennessee, Count Pariah, the dynamic rock ensemble, has just unveiled a refreshing rendition of Sia’s festive favorite, “Snowman.” Renowned for their electrifying stage presence and musical finesse, the band takes a captivating detour from their signature high-energy tracks, injecting a playful and whimsical charm into their evolving discography.

Since their inception back in 2019, the powerhouse that is Count Pariah, comprised of Jason Breland on guitar, Dustin (DB) Barousse on bass, Adam “Bird” Tilley on drums, and James “Shibby” Croft as the vocal maestro, has been stirring up a storm within the rock music landscape. Affiliated with Blue Collar Records, the band has reveled in the artistic liberty to delve into uncharted sonic territories. Their most recent release, “Snowman,” stands as a shining example of their adaptability and eagerness to keep their audience on the edge of anticipation.

Characterized by the band as a venture where they “arrived, laid down tracks, and jingled all the way,” their interpretation of “Snowman” is anything but random. It puts on display Shibby’s emotive vocal spectrum, Jason’s guitar prowess, and the diverse musical palettes of Dustin and Bird. This rendition is an exceptional fusion of their distinctive rock vibe intertwined with the heartwarming hues of a holiday classic.

Count Pariah’s take on “Snowman” manifests a spectrum of perspectives among its members, traversing themes from ill-fated romances to a whimsical, Frosty the Snowman-inspired ambiance. Nevertheless, they share a unanimous sentiment regarding its brilliance as a Christmas anthem, encapsulating a profound message about the value of attempting to rescue someone.

Filmed at Knoxville’s Pink Moon Sound, Count Pariah’s music video and track received expert attention from sound engineer Connor Stephen Wheaton. The recording journey continued to Los Angeles, where the Grammy award-winning producer/engineer Justin Miller lent his skills to meticulously mix and master the piece. This collaborative effort significantly contributes to the top-tier production that defines Count Pariah’s artistic output.

As Count Pariah continues to push the boundaries of their musical exploration, enthusiasts can anticipate a tapestry of unforeseen shifts and surprises within their sound. The rendition of “Snowman” merely scratches the surface of the band’s aptitude for transcending genres, crafting music that strikes a chord with a varied audience. Fueled by their dedication to “consistently delivering excellence on both stage and in the studio,” Count Pariah stands as a musical force deserving the vigilant attention of rock aficionados.