Cmagic5 – You Got a Problem (Lyric Video)

Cmagic5 – You Got a Problem (Lyric Video)

‘Wake up with determination and go to bed with satisfaction’ is what she goes by every morning. Cmagic5 is a 15 year old aspiring musician based in Toronto, Canada with a dream and passion to earn her place in the music industry… With the challenges and struggles she faced while growing up being bullied, she could not have been more determined and inclined towards pursuing her passion. She worked hard at her home studio with music as her inspiration. She took to her acoustic and wrote her very first song in 2015 which led to her debut EP demo ‘Destiny’s Calling’, a home production. She hopes her music can inspire people and at the same time give them something fresh and distinct to listen to. Every song she writes is a story based on her real life experiences. Writing music is like keeping a diary of all her memories but in a song. Music is how she shares her stories with the world.

The motivation behind the track ‘You Got a Problem’ has been resonating in her head for a long time. The story evolves through the song, empowering you to rise from being cheated on by your lover. It signifies that the best medicine in life is letting go and moving on. The song delivers power and confidence as the overall mood of the song with simple lyrics and a dance beat. The singer conveys her frustration at an un-named lover’s attempts to rekindle a relationship. When the lover decides to come back, there is no one to return to as she has already moved on and risen about it. The repetition of the phrase ‘You’re not gonna be able to find me’ confirms the relationship is over! This music takes the singer out of her soulful realm and delivers a pop overtone which is a change of pace for her.

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