Chuck Chill – Exclusive (Music Video)

Chuck Chill – Exclusive (Music Video)

Everyone has a story but how many use their platform to hit the lives in their community as a way of giving back? Charles Williams is an up and coming artists from Wilmington, Delaware that is bringing back similar vibes of Master P, Nas, & Jay-z. The kind of hard, realness, the hip hop community needs again.

As a go getter Charles found his vision about a year ago and created a studio in the basement of a friend’s home, where he began laying down the foundation for his future. Growing up and making some mistakes, is where Charles realized that there needed to be more to the current life he was living. He believes that the steps he has taken thus far in life, has gotten him where he is today, a man with more than just a dream, a man with a plan.

Charles wants to be the role model for the young men in the community that do not have one. To be the voice for many that cannot speak up. His music speaks real life, and when speaking for or to the community having relatability is what catches the ears of many. Charles has been able to create a platform in his city and for that he has become an inspiration.

This young man is settling into his own and is on the right track of creating, as well, as producing impactful music.