Chevy Shann – Been About U (Music Video)

Chevy Shann – Been About U (Music Video)

Music has always been his first love and after long nights grinding in the studio, the pieces are starting to fall together for the artist known as Chevy Shann. The young and gifted Seattle rapper first stepped into the rap game holding it down as a key member of Flatline Entertainment; a local rap group of childhood friends/emcees. That is where he created his melodic but smooth sound. It wasn’t long before he began making power moves throughout the northwest; booking shows, collaborating with other local artists and getting his music heard throughout the streets.

After getting his feet wet with his debut mixtape ‘Been Ridin’ in 2011, working with artists such as MaddTeck, Eternal, Smiley, Lil D and I.L; Chevy easily became one of the most relevant rap artists to come out of the northwest. With his credibility on the streets and a forever growing fanbase his music began to take off. And he wasted no time, putting out his sophomore mixtape ‘Still Ridin’ in 2012; moving units from the trunk of his Chevy Impala SS – the true definition of being an independent artist. With his hustler-like mentality and all the hard work and dedication, it has made him the one of the most talented emcees to come out of the state of Washington.

With fatherhood being introduced to him just as his social media buzz picked up, rap had to eventually take a back seat to him raising his beautiful baby girl. He could no longer be in the streets or studio all day because he had responsibilities that were more important at the time. It was at that time he began to mature as a man as well as an artist. And even as a young father, Chevy never lost his love for music.

In December 2013, he released a special project for his fans – ‘Forever Ridin’ which featured several original beats produced by Ski Mask Spec, Petty Pro and Emote; collaborating with other artists such as Dallas Boi, Filipino T, Eternal, Anonymous, Erasa, Keim Bundlez, and Cam the Mac. It is definitely a mixtape for the streets. Chevy takes you on a journey with ‘Paper Dawg’ where he reminds himself to stay on the paper chase while also watching out for the haters. He later ventured off to ‘Sin City’ (Las Vegas) connecting with other local artists and in the summer of 2014, he released
his third solo mixtape ‘The Chevy Show’; which he still sells digital copies via his Bandcamp website.

He’s got a new management team and has been brushing shoulders with some industry affiliates and is anxious to take this thing to the next level. Now that he has more experience as an artist he can finally give the streets what they’ve been waiting on; a full body of work, with a heavy dose of original beats and ridiculous flows. For those who have always wondered when Chevy Shann would release an official album…it’s coming.


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