Ches Barrow: The Rise of a Musical Prodigy with “Girl Who Ruled The World”
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Ches Barrow: The Rise of a Musical Prodigy with “Girl Who Ruled The World”

In a world where fashion and music rarely intersect seamlessly, Ches Barrow stands as a remarkable exception. This multifaceted artist is not only known for her substantial mark in the fashion industry creatively directing brands like Dior and Manolo Blahnik under her own company Façonner, but is also carving out a distinctive niche in the music world.

Ches, who has been featured in Wonderland and Earmilk, initially pursued a career in fashion despite her deep-seated love for music. However, her journey from fashion mogul to musical sensation is a testament to her relentless passion for songwriting.

Ches Barrow’s musical journey began with her classical piano training and her love for poetry. Influenced by lyrical powerhouses like Joni Mitchell, Alanis Morissette, and bands such as Red Hot Chili Peppers and Hole, Ches developed a unique style that blends lyric-heavy storytelling with melodic rock. Despite having a repertoire of over 100 songs by the age of 16, Ches was initially hesitant to pursue music professionally. Instead, she launched Façonner at just 21, gaining recognition for her innovative approach to fashion and sustainable luxury with her second brand CHES Editions, which Vogue hailed as a ‘top 8 beauty buy.’

However, music remained an unquenchable passion. A personal catalyst led Ches to reconnect with her musical roots, resulting in her debut EP ‘Girl who Ruled the World’ in October 2021, produced by the esteemed ME Mazen Murad, known for his work with Alanis Morissette and the Rolling Stones. Her latest single, “Wild,” released in 2022 (mixed by Carlo Glanville and mastered by Chris Gehringer) for a national TV commercial for CHES Editions showcased her ability to blend her worlds of fashion and music seamlessly.

Now, Ches Barrow is captivating audiences with the much anticipated release of the music lyric video for, “Girl Who Ruled The World,” a standout and widely acclaimed track from her debut EP. Described as a fusion of Riot Grrrl rock and pop with softer, lyric-heavy folk influences, Ches’s sound is a refreshing mix of intensity and introspection. Early influences from artists like Eva Cassidy, Garbage, Nirvana, and Bikini Kill shine through in her work, adding depth and diversity to her musical repertoire.

“Girl Who Ruled The World” explores the complex dichotomy of a girl burdened by societal expectations of perfection and propriety. The song delves into the journey of embracing raw, creative energy and shedding the constraints of external judgment. It’s a powerful anthem for anyone striving to let their authentic self and artistic expression shine.

The music video for “Girl Who Ruled The World” is as imaginative as the song itself. Ches drew inspiration from a fantasy world filled with pink feminine energy. The video depicts the transformation of a restrained, robotic girl with a big brain into a free-spirited woman, symbolizing the emergence of true artistic freedom.

With “Girl Who Ruled The World,” Ches Barrow not only asserts herself as a serious contender in the music industry but also as an artist who is unafraid to push boundaries and challenge norms. Her fusion of alternative rock, pop, and folk elements, combined with her poetic lyrics, make her a unique voice in today’s music scene. As Ches continues to evolve and explore her musical talents, one thing is certain: she is an artist to watch, and her journey is just beginning.