Buyinza – Up Side Down (Official Music Video)

Buyinza – Up Side Down (Official Music Video)

Buyinza releases the official music video for “Up Side Down”. This is a visual representation of what Buyinza felt writing and performing the song.

Here is what Buyinza had to say about the song and video, “I attempt to wear the mind of My late mother, trying to understand what she went through and how I think she might have perceived the world. Suffering an addiction is not a concept fully understood by our society and there is usually no sympathy or empathy for an addict. As an addict, you’re lucky if your children pick your side and yes it took me a while to reconcile this in my young brain, to truly be on mummy’s side was not easy. It required continuous self reminders, even now. Despite her big cheerful heart that always managed to shine through, I imagine it to have been a very cold and lonely world for her, up side down. Now the older I grow, the more I see her in myself and I couldn’t be more grateful for this medium of art where I can release and hopefully be understood. I hope you have more sympathy for those with addictions, truth is they are sufferers. No one chooses to suffer, it’s a disease of the brain… it’s never a choice, no matter what they may say. Support them whenever you can whilst being mindful of your own mental health.”

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