BELLSAINT – Karma (Music Video)

BELLSAINT – Karma (Music Video)

With a sound reminiscent of a modern-day Nancy Sinatra meets Adele, this Los Angeles-based siren is on the edge of becoming a household name. Having released powerhouse singles debuting all over the media, there are exciting things on the horizon for this alt-pop rising star originally from Texas.

“Karma” was written by BELLSAINT and Rob Kleiner, who has worked with some BELLSAINT’s favorite artists (Sia, Andra Day, David Guetta, Britney Spears). The song was recorded with the same microphone Sia used for “Chandelier”.

Here is what BELLSAINT had to say about Karma.

“I wrote this song in response to working with someone who consistently bullied and belittled me. It was obvious there wasn’t mutual respect. When I finally stood up to this person and ended our working relationship, I received several threats. The timing couldn’t be more perfect to release this single in the midst of so many brave women coming forward and speaking up during the #metoo & #timesup movement. I feel so empowered & inspired by it. I’m hoping this shift will deepen & further our conversations of respect and consequences for harassment and that it will continue to empower women & people everywhere.

This single prepares listeners for the new music I’m getting ready to release. It will be a modern nod to my childhood inspirations like Nancy Sinatra, The Beatles, and Johnny Cash. The listener will hear some unique vintage instrumentation & sampling, including lots of Spaghetti Western 60s guitar. I’m excited to be releasing my first EP this year. Release date TBD.”

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