AZRA – Dimension (Official Music Video)

AZRA – Dimension (Official Music Video)

Breaking through our unrealized mental blocks to emerge into another dimension where inhibitions are released and a different perspective of seeing the world exists is what AZRA’s music video for her single “Dimension” is all about. The start of the video sets the stage with the quote “Sometimes the hardest thing is to break free from your own mind.” The clip features the supernatural AZRA guiding her human self out of the confines of her deserted mind in order to realize that she needed to escape her suffocating reality as well. This concept is complimented with glass breaking, high-energy choreography and stunning shots.

“I enjoyed dancing with the dancers, filming out in the desert and in general working with people on set,” AZRA said. “Also seeing my song come alive visually, during the moments when I was breaking the glass, and trying to save myself were surreal moments for me.. as I struggled with this for a long time in my life.”

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