ASCEND TO THE KINGDOM – Fake (Lyric Video)

ASCEND TO THE KINGDOM – Fake (Lyric Video)

The new single “Fake” by Ascend to the Kingdom is bringing in many new fans to the Rock/Alternative band from the small town of Clarkston, MI. Ascend to the Kingdom is fronted by Rock Hensley. A vocalist who’s reputation has gone through the roof due to his edgy, melodic, and aggressive vocal style. According to Rock Hensley, the new single “Fake” is a revenge/break up song which is about parting ways with a former lover who was toxic, hollow, cold-hearted, and most importantly…Fake. Rock Hensley is considered to be on the path to becoming one of Rock musics greatest vocalists, an amazing achievement for a small town band that will surely propel them to the top. And most importantly, a major label record deal.

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