Alex Blak – In my Chest (Lyric Video)

Alex Blak – In my Chest (Lyric Video)

Enigma encapsulates Alex Blak while his music blasts mesmerizing rhythms. Alex Blak is a faceless musician who lets his music speak for him – his name is a moniker as well. Alex Blak, an eclectic music producer is thrilled to announce the release of his new song titled “In my Chest” The song is set to be released on 13th June 2019. Alex Blak embodies the development of the indie music industry with his ‘secret identity’ signature and as a man of many melody making talents.

Alex Blak creates captivating ambiances via his music that seeps in like water in an arid desert -“In my Chest” is no different in musical quality. It takes extraordinary confidence and ability to count on only his music and not him as the person behind his music and Alex Blak pulls this off with verve, leaving his listeners hankering for more of his music. “In my Chest” is sure to delight Alex Blak’s fans, and other music lovers.

Check out the official lyric video for “In my Chest” right now.

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