19MIL Takes a Deep Dive into Her Emotions with “Deep End”
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19MIL Takes a Deep Dive into Her Emotions with “Deep End”

Amidst the sun-drenched beaches and the vibrant nightlife of Miami emerges a distinctive voice, 19MIL. The new & rising
true self proclaimed matriarchal artisan of dark pop. Although the culture of the city is prominently Latin based specializing in the
colorful sounds of reggaeton, 19MIL has no problem going against the grain. Quite literally specializing in breaking the norm. While
most artists strive for years in finding their signature sound, 19MIL seems to have struck gold early. Her blend of angelically light
melodies and eerily captivating beats seemingly make her a master of hypnosis -always aiming to put her listeners in a sentimental,
tear-jerking, trance. “Something to get lost in”, as she describes.

Growing up 19MIL was always a misfit to say the least. However, that never caused her to conform. “I’ve always loved to
stand out, it feels good to be different” she proclaims, stressing the ways that growing up in a small beach town along the west
coast of sunny Florida has shaped her into the person she is today. For 19MIL, life was never about music until just over 1 year ago.
Before that living in the heart of NYC, modeling and chasing her supposed “dream” of being in fashion design. However, over the
course of the last 4 years and a whirlwind of life altering events ( such as losing her brother, losing her lover, and her struggles with
mental health) music has been the only thing that keeps her going. Being from a place where the peak of the music industry is
playing at local joints singing covers to Jimmy Buffet, becoming a mainstream pop artist was something 19 never could have even
imagined for herself. Although her sound is innovative, she strives to resonate with everyone – all ages, and all genders. She
acknowledges an extremely influential figure from her past, Ohtrapstar, convincing her of her talents and introducing her into the
world of music, a realm where she now finds solace, purpose, and voice.

Her newest release, “Deep End,” is an encapsulation of this journey. It’s a sonic painting drenched in emotions. The track
beautifully meanders from the feelings of pain and despair into a fierce resilient energy that is emblematic to her character. Lyrics
like “IM NOT JUST A LITTLE GIRL” and, “I STILL SEE MY WORTH UNDER DIRT THAT YOU’VE THROWN ON MY NAME” stand as defiant proclamations in regard to the importance of maintaining self-worth.

Visually, the song translates into a riveting screenplay. A twisted blend of melancholic rain accompanied by empowering
flames, all used to symbolize a rise from the ashes of “natural disasters”. An attainable newfound strength and power. One in which
she has worked long and hard to find throughout trials and tribulations thrown her way. As her own director and co-editor, 19
meticulously crafts every scene, translating the song’s essence to the screen. That being said though, she makes very clear her
admiration for those working alongside her; highly crediting her production team – referring to them as some of the most helpful,
talented, and heroic group of individuals she knows.

For 19MIL, music is therapy. Pouring her emotions out as a means to ensure others have a place to resonate. It is
something that connects her to countless souls, guiding them in a direction of confidence and durability. Reassuring them of their
own self-worth, and all of the mutual human experiences others try hard to mask. Formulating songs that are not just melodies and
emotions but echoes of shared sentiments.

With “Deep End”, 19MIL isn’t just releasing a song; she’s sharing a chapter from the book of her life, inviting visitors to
delve into her world and make themselves right at home. So, if this track is any indication of what the up-and-coming artist has in
store, the music industry is on the precipice of witnessing the rise of a powerhouse artist who is undoubtedly destined to leave an
indelible mark. A voice that is creating ripples that are soon to shape tidal waves.